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Welcome to the Stanford Food Policy Lab

Our Vision

The foods we eat have major implications for both human health and environmental sustainability. We envision a world where healthy, sustainable foods are an attractive, affordable, and accessible choice for all.

Our Mission

Our mission is to design and evaluate policies and interventions that improve diet, promote environmental sustainability, and advance health equity.

Our Approach

We work with policymakers, advocates, and other changemakers throughout our research process to ensure we are asking and answering the research questions that key stakeholders most need addressed. 

Food and Beverage Labeling Policies

We apply insights from behavioral science to design and evaluate food and beverage labeling policies. 

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Sugary Drink Taxes and Pricing Policies

We use quasi-experiments and simulation modeling to study whether taxes and other pricing policies improve health.     

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Promoting Healthy, Sustainable Diets

We identify and promote food choices that are both healthier and more environmentally sustainable.

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Food Assistance Programs

We study policies that could reduce food insecurity, improve diet, and reduce disparities among participants in food assistance programs.

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Alcohol Warning Labels

We examine how alcohol marketing affects consumers and whether improved warning labels can increase awareness and reduce unhealthy drinking.

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Featured Articles

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